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Solar Water Heater Parts & Polycarbonate Enclosures

We manufacture premium quality polycarbonate enclosures and junction boxes for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our brand products undergo rigorous testing by our technical team to ensure they meet our quality standards before being delivered to our customers. Additionally, we specialize in manufacturing customized products to meet specific requirements. We use premium quality materials for the lid, bottom, screws, and O-ring, and employ precision manufacturing techniques to guarantee the highest quality in our products.

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Types of Enclosures

    1. Industrial Polycarbonate Enclosures.
    2. Wall Mount Polycarbonate Enclosures.

Slient Features

Full face o-ring interface makes sure to seal the facein all manner, No more chance for gap and particleimmersion. Special o-ring material chosen for longlife in extreme environment creteria.

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saliant feature image

Extra length gripping of mounting screws ensures the proper tightening force of din rails & mounting plates. This will also reduce the chance of damaging the components in transportation. Recommended to use the mounting plate instead of Din rails for long distance travels.

Multiple mounting locations will allow to mount the din rails/plates at many locations i.e horizontal, verticle, single line two lines etc. Each mounting location is designed based on mcb, spd, fuses and standard component's height.

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